getting accommodated in Phnom Penh

I went to bed at about 7 pm yesterday. And I woke up at about 9:30 am only because my colleague and boss Shelley was knocking on my door. We had an appointment at 9:15 but my alarm clock did not manage to wake me up. Even after 9 hours of sleep. As Shelley told me, she had to knock very hard and for quite some time.

Together, we went to one of the GTZ offices, which is located on the compound of the Ministry of Interior. Shelley introduced me to a couple of people working for GTZ, Asian Development Bank and UNDP. Everybody seems to be very nice and willing to help. And many of these people appear to be knowledgeable. I got many more recommendations and suggestions. However, these messages are ambiguous and occasionally contradicting.

In the afternoon, Shelley picked me up again and we went to a meeting of the Steering Committee for partnership. Again, many nice and knowledgeable persons. Although the meeting was not related to ‘my’ subject, these people encouraged me to contact them to get more specific information. Afterwards I went home and had some delicious Khmer foot in my guesthouse. Later, I started to review my notes and to read the literature I brought with me.

me at home

3 thoughts on “getting accommodated in Phnom Penh”

  1. Hi Stefan,

    sieht ja recht komfortabel aus Deine neues zu Hause!? Wünsche weiterhin viel Erfolg, Freude und vor allem Gesundheit!

    Gruß Dein Bruder Sebi

  2. ja, dein bruder hat recht! sieht nett aus, und bist auch gut ausgerüstet wie man sieht. — viel spaß noch und weiter fleißig berichte bitte! matze

  3. Hallo,

    liebe Grüße aus Bergholz-Rehbrücke! Was machen die earplugs?? *fg* Lass es Dir gut gehen! Dein Brüderchen

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