From Stung Treng to Kompong Cham by Speedboat and from Kompong Cham to Phnom Pehn by Taxi

Next day we get up fairly early again to get the boat which leaves at 7 am to Kompong Cham. I have been traveling with those boats many times now and am getting used to it. And I still like it.

Ferries arrive from the other side of the river.

Moto driver are washing their vehicles in the river, just like everywhere.

Time passes by and I enjoy that I can just sit here, watching the environment without being expected to give presentations or having to fight with the translator. And I enjoy that the translator prefers to travel inside and I do not have to listen to what he is saying.

The water level is significantly higher than last time, due to the fact that we are getting deeper into the rainy season. The river looks like a typical Cambodian landscape that has been flooded. And this is basically what it is and what happends everywhere in this country.

Sometimes we pass fairly turbulent rapids and I am a bit concerned this boat might break apart. But it does not.

Some of those boats are badly overloaded and we have to reduce the speed significantly in order not to sink them.

For some reasons those children are dancing, which is quite entertaining for the people on the boat.

People are having a bath in many places at this time.

Of course we see many pagodas on the way.

Only when we are getting closer to Kompong Cham there is more activity on the river and on the banks.

This is the Japanese Bridge in Kompong Cham town, which I mentioned earlier.

A number of fishermen are trying to catch fish.

I am waiting at the bank for Reaksa and catch a taxi. However, when he comes out of the boat he is on the phone. It takes some time until he has finished his call and meanwhile the taxi left. So we look for another one. I avoid starting the same discussion again, since I do not expect to make any difference here. However, it pisses me off. From here we make it by taxi to Phnom Penh in less than two hours. I am more than happy that I am on my own again and have to take care only of myself.

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