New Place

I should have mentioned that I moved into another accommodation. Even before I went to Mondulkiri I was talking to Katrin on the phone. Katrin has been working in Cambodia and is in Germany by now. Katrin’s partner is Toby from Canada who has been working in Cambodia for a number of years. He is currently in Germany, too.

So Katrin suggests moving into Toby’s flat for some time. I found this a pleasing prospect, and tried to meet the key person. However, before I leave to Mondulkiri I cannot find a person capable of English, while my Khmer still does not allow me to solve problems.

When I come back on Thursday I find that there is no room in the Amok guesthouse available, where I have been living for many weeks now. So for the time being I move into the Top Banana guesthouse, which is right next to it.

This is the street in which I have been living for so long. The picture is taken from the balcony of the guesthouse. Behind the yellow gate in the background is Wat Lanka.

This is the Amok guesthouse.

So after I spend the night in the cheap but not very appealing top banana guesthouse I consider moving. Toby’s flat is actually nicely located in the center of the city, close to the National Museum and the Royal Palace. I find the owner and he encourages me to move in. So later on I pack my stuff at the guesthouse, get a Taxi and move to Toby’s flat.

I have been here before but did not remember how charming this place actually is. This is the view from the balcony in the afternoon. On the opposite side of the street is the Faculty of Archeology, a prestigious academic institution on the compound of the National Museum. Behind the compound of the National Museum is the compound of the Royal Palace.

This is the living room.

I must say this is a great accommodation. Not only are there much more light and space, a balcony and a nice view from the window. I can actually walk around now, and step out on the balcony. Unlike in the guesthouse, it is Khmer people who live here and this place allows to be right in the center of contemporary Khmer life. I can hear the sound of Khmer life in the house and can smell what people are cooking. And people in the house are a very friendly and helpful lot.

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