Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville by Minibus

It is weekend again and I decided to visit Sihanoukville once more, after I have been here only few weeks ago. I also decided to travel by public transport this time, mostly for convenience. It is too late to catch the early buses so I chose to go by minibus. Initially I go to the Central Market where I don’t find a minibus to Sihanoukville but people who show me the place from which these buses leave.

One minibus is about to leave. I pay for two seats, again for convenience (at 5$ each, which is far too expensive, which I learn later on, anyway).

This is the mini bus before it leaves. People fit a lot of luggage into the bus and are just about to attach a motor bike as well (well, other people fit more than twice the amount of luggage into and on similar busses). It starts raining and I am glad I did not go by motorbike.

This is along national road 4, on which I rode only few weeks ago with the motorbike to Sihanoukville.

This is in Kampong Speu, provincial capital of the province with the same name. I am sitting upfront. As a result of paying for two seats, only three people sit upfront, rather than four or five.

Along the road, somewhere around Kirirom National Park.

It starts raining again, pretty strongly, and I am glad again not to be riding the bike right now.

We stop at a restaurant after we drove about half the total distance to Sihanoukville. We have been going very slowly and by now I expect to arrive only in the evening. From here is still 125 km away. It is raining. The place is located at a mountain range and for this reason, clouds seem to accumulate here.

Then we continue the trip, even slower because of the mountains. It keeps raining for some time. Besides, the scenery is pretty and green.

The rain is getting stronger. There is no glass in the window of the door next to me and it is getting pretty wet. People tighten a kroma across the window but it does not remain there for long and it keeps raining into the bus, right next to me.

Once in a while we stop and people get off the bus at places along the road.

It is getting dark and I cannot take pictures anymore. We continue to travel rather slow, increasing numbers of people get off and on the bus, which sometimes takes a lot of time. It is about 8pm when we finally reach Sihanoukville.

I go by moto taxi to the Sovannphoum guesthouse, where I stayed last time around, too. I have diner and spend the evening reading.

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