Second Day of Second Field Trip to Rattanakiri

Again, I cannot but make this a very short report. In the morning of the next day we meet some of the authorities as well as major local NGOs. We are happy enough to be provided by the local PLG project (which is actually a UNDP project) with a capable car including driver for just covering the costs of petrol. We have a tight schedule and want to meet a number of Commune Councils as well as members of the local indigenous communities.

Those are members of the Commune Council in a area dominated by members of the Kreung group. It was hard to get here. Particularly for those people who have a long way. Actually most of them had to walk at least 4 kilometers to come here. We arrived late and some of them had already left. However, we met them on the road and gave them a ride to the Council. People told me those indigenous are so honest that they would have come the next day again just because they promised to show up. This interview was extremely interesting but I cannot go into details here.

This is outside the building of the Commune Council, which is in the background.

Than we leave to see the next council. This is when we have a break and some food. We are with a government official, the lady, who is actually married to a Kreung man and has 8 children. It was interesting to learn about the challenges of their identity. The driver is member of an indigenous group from Laos.

Those are members of indigenous groups with the characteristic basket on their back.

This is how the landscape looks like.

Did I mention that Cambodia is a very rural society? Upfront is a pig, behind the pick is a cow and behind that are two of the Commune Councilors, again members of the group called Kreung. One of them is having a bath. Behind them is the office of the Commune Council.

this is a typical Kreung house. Well, except for the roof.

This is a traditional house with a traditional roof. However, nobody seems to live here anymore.

Whoever can afford it started to build Khmer style massive wooden houses.

The meeting was extremely interesting again. However, I can not go into details. After the meeting one of the councilors is so nice to show us this waterfall. There are many old stories told among members of his group associated with this water fall.

I am getting used to live in the same room with lizards. However, I was not prepared to meet this fellow. I was happily smoking a cigarette when I just saw his food. This gave me a good shock. After I recovered I took many pictures of this fellow, who turned out to be friendly.

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